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Women Environmental Conservation Strategies and the Community Organization Social Work Method in Voi Sub-County, Kenya

Abstract: Globally, women have played a crucial role in environmental conservation initiatives, yet they have been underrepresented in environmental decision-making. Voi sub-County continues to experience the devastating effects of deforestation and land degradation. This study explored the strategies that enhance the participation of women in environmental conservation initiatives relating to community organisation a method of social work in Voi sub-County. Ecofeminist and participation theories guided the research and adopted mixed methods sequential explanatory design. The study targeted a population of 8631 women in Mbololo and Ngolia wards, in Voi sub-County. A sample size of 400 participants was selected using proportionate random sampling technique which was determined using the Yamane formula. Data was collected through primary and secondary methods. The instruments included; questionnaires, interview guides, Focus Group Discussions, and a comprehensive review of literature. Quantitative data was analysed through descriptive statistics using SPSS version 27. Qualitative data were categorized into themes and sub-themes. The findings show that, social work is paramount since it promotes social transformation, development, community cohesion, and empowerment of women. The study recommends awareness creation on environmental issues, the involvement of women in training programmes, adoption of agroforestry and ecotourism, collaborative management of the environment, and County tree planting activities.

Keywords: Women, Environmental Conservation Strategies, Community Organization, Social Work


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