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Socio-Economic and Cultural Barriers to Women Participation in Community Development Projects in Mukaa-Kitaingo Ward, Kenya

Women are considered to be the drivers of economies in many societies especially in the rural areas and are supposed to be key stakeholders in community development projects. However, gender inequality pushes them to the periphery of economic development, thus denying them the opportunities that emanate from community development projects. This study aimed at examining the sociolect-economic and cultural barriers to women participation in community development projects in, Mukaa-Kitaingo Ward, guided by three key objectives i.e.cultural, educational, and economic factors. The study was grounded on Participatory Development Model and adopted descriptive survey design, where systematic random sampling was used to determine the sampling size enlisting 189 participants from the Ward. Data was collected through administration of questionnaires. The study established that cultural practices, lack of equal opportunities, economic challenges and inadequate skills were derailing women participation in community development projects. The study recommended that women continue fighting for their rights by seeking leadership positions in community development projects, as well as acquiring skills and involving themselves in income generating activities as a way of increasing their capacity to fully participate in community development projects. Gender parity should also be observed in the hierarchy and membership of community development projects.

Key words: community development, participation, Women, gender inequality


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