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Risk Factors Associated With Psychological Distress Among The Internally Displaced Youth By Terrorism In Ouahigouya Diocese, Burkina Faso

This study investigated the risk factors associated with psychological distress among the internally displaced youth by terrorism in Ouahigouya Diocese, Burkina Faso. Convergent parallel mixed method design which enabled merging of qualitative and quantitative data collected to provide a comprehensive analysis of the research problem was used in this study. The target population was 7,799 from which the sample size of 380 was obtained using Cochran's (1963) formula in Titao and Bourzanga municipalities of Ouahigouya diocese. From this population, a sample size of 380 respondents were randomly selected to take part in the quantitative strand of the study, and 14 respondents were purposely selected to participate in the qualitative aspect of the study. Standardized instruments (PCL-5: PTSD, GAD-7: Anxiety, PHQ-9: Depression) were used to collect the quantitative data. Semi-structured interviews were used to collect qualitative data. Quantitative and Qualitative data were analysed using descriptive statistics and content analysis respectively. From the findings of the study, the researcher established a number of risk factors associated with psychological distress among the youth. These factors included but not limited to:- deprivation of basic necessities of life due to displacement, straining to meet these needs, loss property, disconnection from family and friends’ networks, loss of livelihoods, ethnic stigma and discrimination, difficult in accessing legal and human rights services. It was concluded that, the internally displaced youth in Ouahigouya Diocese had experiences associated with psychological distress. It was recommend that, regular provision of basic necessities of life and services by the government, communities, the church and the civil society organizations will ease suffering of the internally displaced youths in Ouahigouya Diocese.


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