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Influence of Healing Ministry on Psycho-Spiritual Well-Being of Christians at The Merciful Jesus Sanctuary of Ruhango, Rwanda

This study aimed at understanding the Influence of Healing Ministry on the Psycho-Spiritual Well-Being of Christians at the Merciful Jesus Sanctuary in Ruhango, Rwanda. The study used convergent research design and mixed research approach (both quantitative and qualitative methods). The target population was 102 Christians and among them, 81 participants were selected for this study as the sample size. Simple random sampling techniques and purposive techniques were used. Questionnaires, interview guides and focused group discussion schedules were used to collect data. From the results, Healing Ministry influences strongly the psycho-spiritual well-being of Christians who go for prayer at the Merciful Jesus Sanctuary of Ruhango. Findings also confirmed that, there is a superpower that is able to heal all kinds of illnesses among Christians benefiting from the sanctuary. This power also, changes the life of some Christians who visit the Sanctuary at Ruhango. Psycho-spiritual therapy, listening, personal prayer, adoration prayer, meditation prayer, forgiveness, workshop or spiritual education, and all kinds of spiritual exercises are important ways through which Jesus heals people and provides solutions to all kind of problems. This study concludes that, Christians of the Catholic Church still believes in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. More so, healing ministry is based on prayer in the name of Jesus Christ; those involved in this ministry should be prayerful, regularly practicing Christians who acknowledge his healing love and are willing to pray and listen for guidance in order to minister appropriately to others. The study therefore recommends: that, there is a need to value Psycho-spiritual therapy; People’s privacy and dignity should be respected and protected; Where Counselling and psychotherapy are needed, these should be provided by accredited counsellors and therapists who adhere to the codes of ethics and practice of their regulatory organizations.

Keywords: Healing Ministry, Psycho-Spiritual well-being, Christians, Faith


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