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Implications Of Covid-19 Lockdown On The Spiritual Wellbeing Of The Catholic Women Of Ijebu-Ode Catholic Diocese, Nigeria

COVID-19 pandemic affected people globally. It has created a lot of socio-economic setbacks in different countries, organizations and individuals. This research examined the implications of COVID-19 lockdown on the spiritual well-being of women in the Catholic Diocese of Ijebu-Ode, Nigeria. The study adopted parallel convergence design, where both qualitative and quantitative data was collected at the same time. The target population was 1700 women. A sample size of 324 was used. Sampling was done through simple random and purposive sampling techniques. Data collection was done through open and closed ended questionnaire, and an in-depth interview guides. This applied to Catholic women and women leaders in the diocese respectively. From the findings, majority of women had given up on important individual and family future plans. Some respondents confirmed that, the lockdown came with challenges including loss of jobs, income, food insecurity, challenges in accessing social and spiritual services as well as social interaction limitations. However, to some, lockdown encouraged the presence of family members at home therefore enhancing family bonding and love. The study concluded that, COVID-19 lockdown impacted on the psycho spiritual well-being of Catholic women in the diocese of Ijebu-Ode and therefore a need for relevant interventions in future similar occurrences. The study recommends thorough preparedness by the federal ministry of health and the church in relation to infrastructure, personnel, Pscycho-spiritual well-being and medical supplies. There is also, a need for a comprehensive handling of pandemics by all stakeholders to avoid gaps in service delivery now and in the future.

Key words: COVID-19 lockdown, Spiritual well-being, Catholic women, COVID-19 Pandemic


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