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How Different are Master of Business Administration Curricula in Kenyan Universities? A Comparative Survey

Abstract: Many universities in Kenya offer Master of Business Administration in Strategic Management. The research on which this paper is based sought to compare the curricula for MBA, Strategic Management (MBA-SM) programmes with the aim of standardizing the programmes in different universities in Kenya. The research design for the study was descriptive, which applied purposive and systematic sampling techniques. Hundred MBA students and fifteen lecturers were recruited in this study from five selected universities in Kenya. The data were collected through structured questionnaires and interviews. The data were analysed using SPSS Version 23 and presented through tables, graphs, and charts. The study found that MBA-SM programmes in different universities in Kenya are similar with slight differences in the way they are delivered. Some MBA programmes are enriched with Christian based courses. Some universities enrich their MBA programs with experiential learning and mentoring. Others consulted the industry when developing their curricula. The study recommended integration of experiential learning in their MBA-SM, mentoring and consult more with the industry in curriculum development. Key Words: Strategic Management, Master of Business Administration, Curricula, Kenyan universities

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