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Cash Transfers And Health Services For The Elderly In Kiambu County Kenya

Abstract: Cash transfers for the elderly have proven to have broad-based, beneficial effects on consumption, food security, productive activities, and education. However, the research to date on financial transfers, health care, and morbidity is not only contradictory but also biased and has a smaller body of evidence when applied to Africa. The study sought to determine to what extent OPCT enhances access to health services by elderly persons in Kiambu County, Kenya. The study was a concurrent mixed method and targeted elderly persons 65 years and above. A sample of 385 determined by Cochran’s formula was selected among beneficiaries of SCG. The study adopted probability sampling techniques with a focus on random sampling to select participants. In-depth interviews and Focused Group Discussions with professionals and beneficiaries served as primary data sources. Quantitative data were analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics with the help of SPSS version 25 while qualitative data were categorized and analysed thematically and presented in narrative, verbatim. Results showed that there were no many differences in the response that Health care services provided to elderly persons are satisfactory giving a standard deviation of 1.380. There was a greater dispersion in responses on family intervention in the event of health-related issues with a mean of 1.582. In conclusion, the results of the study showed that participants did not concur that OPCT covered all the expenses of healthcare services. Therefore, the study recommended that the government direct NHIF monthly payments for OPTC programme users so that they can automatically receive medical insurance coverage as necessary.

Key Words: cash transfer, elderly, Health, health services


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