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The Role of Regional Organizations in Conflict Management in Africa: A Case of Igad in the Republic of South Sudan, 2013-2019

Abstract:The South Sudan civil war from 2013 took over a year to mediate. Over the period before mediation, there were hundreds of thousands of casualties and derailed economic growth of South Sudan. Whereas there were numerous attempts to resolve the conflict, it is only the IGAD process that succeeded in brokering peace (IGAD, 2016). International organizations have in various instances failed to prevent war and fulfill peacekeeping duties many times throughout its history. There have been formed variousregional organizations that step in conflict management where the international organizations fail. This study sought to examine the role of regional organizations and conflict management in Africa with particular focus on the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in South Sudan. The objectives of the study explored into the IGAD’s intervention approach adopted in South Sudan Mediation process, the challenges it experienced and the effects of IGAD’s engagement to the South Sudan Conflict management. Deploying the Ripeness and Realism theories and relevant statistical aided to analyze both primary and secondary data, the study concluded that IGAD’s role in the South Sudan peace process was multifaceted as the mediator, facilitator and supervisor of the process. The study population comprised IGAD Officials, Policy makers/Experts/academicians, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Officials, Diplomats, religious Leaders and Village Elders. The study adopted a census approach and thus the sample size was the 36 IGAD officials, diplomats, policy makers/experts/academicians, and ministry of foreign affairs officials, religious leaders and village elders in the South Sudan peace process. The study utilized composite Questionnaires and one on one interviews as theprimary research instruments. The interviews were administered physically or through email. The response were analyzed and their findings discussed with recommendations. Keywords:Regional Organizations, Conflict Management, IGAD & South Sudan.

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