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A Critical Assessment of the European Union’s Impact on The African Union Peace Process

Abstract: The African Union is the world’s largest and the most diverse regional blocs in terms of the membership to the institution, geographical size features and diverse income levels. It is also characterized by some of the poorest and conflict prone countries in the world. On the other hand, the European Union is considered to be the cornerstone of regional integration process in the world today and the most progressed regional community in the world thereby serving as a model. EU has been a good partner in offering peace and security support to the African Union integration process. The objective of this study is therefore(i) To assess the impact of EU financial support to AMISOM towards the peace keeping military intervention in Somalia and(ii) To establish the effectiveness of EU support to Peace initiatives within AU Peace and Security Architecture.In order to evaluate this, the study has used the theory of Functionalism for reference. The research designemployed is qualitative research method with desk review of the available secondary data being the main method of data collection.

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