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Women and Men Entering Religious Life:The Entrance Class of 2017 in Kenya

Executive summary:This report presents findings from a national survey of women and men who formally entered a religious congregation, province, or monastery based in Kenya 2017.To obtain the names and contact information for these women and men religious,the researcher contacted the Secretary General of the Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya (AOSK) who in turn provided the names of institutes of men and women religious in Kenya and their formation houses.Basically, the study was carried out through the collaboration of the researcher, AOSK leadership and that of the formatters of different religious institutes in Kenya. In addition, the Kenyan coordinator of the African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC)provided valuable assistance for this project. To begin with, the Leadership of AOSK invited the CARA researcher in Kenya to one of their major superiors’ gatherings to sensitize them on the study. The superiors present, through their General Secretary,were each given several copies of this survey for their formation houses.To hasten the process, the AOSK executive secretary linked the CARA researcher in Kenya to the sister in charge of the formation program under the sisterhoods of Kenya. Schedules were then organized during which copies of the survey were distributed to those attending the program. For the rest, surveys were either emailed or dropped in person to formation houses through the help of research assistants. In total, 500 surveys were distributed through various means either to the respondents directly or through their formatters. Of these 500 identified women and men of the Entrance Class of 2017, 400responded to the survey by December 31, 2017and a few more surveys were received by end of January 2018.In total 407 surveys were fully completed and returned. This represents a response rate of 81percent of the Entrance Class of 2017 in Kenya. The Entrance Class of 2017 is represented by289 women and 118 men.

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