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Women Enterprise Fund Uptake and Socioeconomic Livelihoods Empowerment in Kisumu West Sub County, Kisumu County, Kenya

Abstract:The study focused on women enterprise fund uptake and socioeconomic livelihoods empowerment in Kisumu West Sub County, Kisumu County, Kenya. The other guiding objectives were to establish the knowledge of women groups on Women Enterprise Fund, to examine accessibility to Women Enterprise Fund in the county, to establish women enterprise fund uptake rate among women, and to assess the changes in livelihoods among Women after Enterprise Fund uptake in Kisumu West Sub County.The study focused on a sample of 70respondents both individual women and women groups in Kisumu West Sub County and employed descriptive research design. The research study utilized self-administered questionnaires to collect data. The data was processed using statistical package for social sciences(SPSS) version 21. The results were presented in summary reports and tables. From the findings, women enterprise uptake and economic livelihood empowerment in Kenya still remains a great puzzle to fully integrates and ensure its effective by the government and the affected stakeholders in Kenya (women). Helping women to achieve this will lead to increased contributions and help Kenya reach its development goals.

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