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Social Work Response to Children: Pandemic and Post Pandemic Interventions

Pandemics are those most challenging situations that create daily hurdles due to the spread of infectious diseases and other effects at the mass level. Children are the most vulnerable population, as they are more prone to infections due to a low immune system. They are dependent on their physical, mental, social, cultural, and cognitive development. So, the development and care of the children should be on priority during a pandemic crisis. There is also a need for post-pandemic interventions covering health, safety, education, social security, protection from exploitation and abuse, and enabling them to live in a healthy social environment. The present paper presents social work intervention for children and Social Group Work application in meeting the crisis (COVID-19). The data used in the study were from the published reports of national and international agencies like WHO, UNICEF, Government of India. This paper will be focused on pandemic preparedness, the measures taken at the time of the pandemic, and the rehabilitation measures in post-pandemic situations. The researcher provides an insight into the involvement of social work practice in child welfare, especially the Social Group Work method. Social group workers' skills and techniques in providing protective and rehabilitative measures for the children in the pandemic. Keywords: Children, Social Group Work, Pandemic, Post-pandemic, COVID-19

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