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Role of PDS in the Pandemic Context of Covid-19: A Qualitative Study on Ration Shops in Pirayiri Panchayat

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) was declared a global pandemic disease by the World Health Organization (WHO). The current article studies the role of Public Distribution Systems during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis in Pirayiri Panchayat. The objective of the study is (I) To study the public distribution system and its benefits, (II) To identify the challenges faced by ration shopkeepers during this pandemic crisis in the distribution of goods to the beneficiaries, (III) To propose recommendations based on the findings. The research design is qualitative, and the Criterion sampling technique had used for the study. Data collected from primary sources like ration shopkeepers. This study's significant findings are that the ration shops in the Pirayiri Panchayat distribute the goods to the consumers by obeying all the protocols to be followed during this pandemic situation. From this study, it is evident that by providing assured supply of food grains, the PDS has become an essential source of food security for rural house holds. Moreover, PDS ensures food security and ensures people's lives through the proper distribution of goods by restricting the mass mobility of the people. The current study aims to analyse the significance of PDS in ensuring the safety of the people. This research also studies the strategies used in the local ration shops to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Keywords: Public distribution system, COVID-19, Ration shops, Panchayath, Dependency and safety.

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