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National Government Investment in Infrastructure Development in The Promotion of Agribusiness Among The Youth Groups in Kericho County, Kenya.

Abstract: The national government has invested in supporting the youths doing agribusiness through infrastructure.This study focused on how the national government is attracting the youth in Kericho County to embrace agribusiness through provision of storage facilities, accessibility of roads, availability of supplies and security of the area.The study used a descriptive research design and the target population was 23 youth groups engaging in agricultural activities in Kericho County. The sample size was determined using Yamane Formula. Simple random sampling was used to select the sample size from each of the 23 youth groups. The study also used purposive sampling method to select agricultural officers under the national government to Kericho County. The research used both quantitative and qualitative data collection instruments, which included questionnaire and interview guide. The data collected was analyzed using both quantitative and qualitative techniques. Quantitative data was coded and entered into computer for analysis using the Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS). The data was analyzed and presented in frequencies, bar charts and pie charts for easy understanding. Qualitative data was analyzed by transcribing the interviews, reading through the responses, organizing them into specific themes and reported in narrative form describing each theme. The study found that Kericho County provided inadequate storage facilities for perishable farm produce, but most of the roads were accessible during rainy and dry periods and there was appropriate access to agricultural supplies and inputs in time. Key Terms:Youth group, Agribusiness,Infrastructure

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