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Monitoring and Evaluation Systems on Quality of Education in the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi, Kenya

Abstract:The study set out to investigate the monitoring and evaluation systems to determine the quality of education in the Catholic University of Eastern Africa. As its hypothesis, it relied on the question of whether the monitoring and evaluation systems are robust in determining performance. The study used both qualitative and quantitative data to record the performance of the monitoring and evaluation systems. The target group for the questionnaires were people affected by the performance of the monitoring and evaluation systems the majority being the students. They were selectively sampled through random sampling and purposive sampling and the sample size was based on the use of a sample table. The study also reviewed literature and analyzed reports on the performance in the various academic programmes, partnerships, seminars and conferences and recruitment of lecturers. In addition, evaluation reports were used from the monitoring and evaluation of programme process in the Catholic University of Eastern Africa. The data accrued was analysed through both qualitative and quantitative methods (content analysis, SPSS and frequencies). The overall results of the study showed that 75% of the respondents were aware of the existence various M & E systems at CUEA, 55% believed that M & E results had been implemented and 48% were satisfied with effectiveness of the M& E systems in enhancing the quality of academic programmes. In some of the programmes, respondents were not aware of the existence of M & E system.The responses’ percentage included the recruitment of lecturers (88%), seminars and conferences (68%) and in collaborations with other institutions (66%). A small number of respondents cited dissatisfaction with of the implementation M&E reports, for instance inconsistencies in accessing their portals meant delays not fulfil their goals. The study concluded that M & E systems had the capacity to improve the performance in academic programmes in CUEA. The effectiveness of M&E systems can be improved by increasing awareness of M & E existence among the stakeholders. Based on the results, the study recommended that appropriate ways be sought to improve the performance of the monitoring and evaluation systems in the Catholic University of Eastern Africa through awareness building using multiple communication channels to and responding quickly to student questions and complaints. The results of this study will be of importance in improving the M & E systems in learning institutions in Kenya and elsewhere. Keywords:Monitoring, evaluation, monitoring and evaluation systems, quality of education, performance

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