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Mineral Exploitation and Social Economic Growth in Goma Munincipality, North Kivu, DR Congo

The purpose of this study was to investigate mineral exploitation and social economic growth in Goma Municipality North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo. It set out to determine the effects mineral exploitation on infrastructure development and expansion,employment creation and income generation as key drivers that influence standards of living of people in North Kivu. The study adopted a descriptive design, targeting provincial administrators, mining companies and individuals, NGOs and religious institutions involved in Mineral business and trade in the Goma. Using Stratified Random sampling technique and Cochran’s formula, the study sampled 91 participants and data were collected through interviews, observation and key informants. The SPSS package was predominantly employed to analyze quantitative data while the qualitative responses were categorized in themes and processed qualitatively. Data are presented in frequency tables, graphs, pie charts and bar graphs. The study found that, mineral exploitation has led to amassing of wealth by many individuals leading to establishment of good high class real estates, transport companies and communication facilities. Beside development of infrastructure, mineral exploitation destroys water transmission in the city, blockage of drainage system and corrosion although most of the effect of mineral exploitation is environmental degradation as well. The study recommends that the government should restructure and control the mining sector through proper licensing and taxation to ensure that all the investors enjoy equitable share of the business and reduce the black market deals. Mineral mining should be the heart of wealth redistribution to help the marginalized and poor community members to access the necessary services like education, health care and social security among others like safe drinking water and above all, a stable system of governance. Government should also facilitate learning in higher levels like university for more skills and all genders should be protected and given opportunity to work according to skills and qualifications they possess. The Government should set strict laws to conserve the environment around the mining areas for the future generations not to suffer the consequences of the current poor mining practices


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