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Influence of Campaign Practices on Presidential Elections: A Case of 2017 Election in Kajiado North Constituency, Kajiado County, Kenya

Abstract: This article sought to investigate the influence of campaign practices on presidential election outcome during 2017 general election in Kajiado North constituency of Kajiado County , Kenya. Specifically the study attempted to determine the influence of provision of Goodies, Cash Handouts and Campaign promises on presidential election outcome during 2017 elections in the constituency. Kajiado North constituency was selected because of its cosmopolitan nature. Most of the residents come from the major communities of Kenya. The study adopted descriptive research design. Yamane[1967] sampling formula was used to determine sample size of 398 from 106,132 registered voters in the constituency who constituted the target population. Structured questionnaire was used to collect data. The data was analysed using descriptive statistical methods including statistical tables, pie charts and regression method. The study revealed that 72 per cent of respondents had knowledge of the existence of campaign practices while 28 per cent said they had no such knowledge. Further the study revealed that 44.5 of the respondents acknowledged that they voted for presidential candidates who gave them cash handouts, 12.3 per sent of the respondents confirmed that they voted for presidential candidates who gave better promises while 43.2 of the respondents said that they voted for presidential candidates who gave them goodies. The study therefore recommends that state institutions responsible for the management of the voting process and other stakeholders should improve and enhance voter education and monitoring presidential campaign. It further recommends that effective mechanisms should be put in place to enforce electoral code of conduct during campaign and voting period. Keywords: Voting behaviour, campaign practices, political game theory, Investment theory of party competition

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