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The Influence of Agricultural Research on Seed Harmonization Policies by Waapp in the Kaolack Region - Senegal

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to establish the role of agricultural research on seed harmonization policies by the West Africa Agricultural Productivity Program (WAAPP). The study applied descriptive survey design and phenomenology research designs to assess the harmonization of seed policies and West Africa agricultural productivity program. The study targeted 13,786 beneficiaries from Kaolack region from which a sample size of 377 both beneficiaries and professionals participated in the study. The study used purposive and random sampling techniques to select sample size. To establish ways in whichWAAPP supports innovation and research in seed harmonization,results showed that 310(86.1%) of the respondents stated that the program had supported research through carrying out research on new seed varieties, 286(79.4%) of the respondents indicated the support was through Provision of laboratories for tests, as per the findings, 148(41.1%) of the study respondents indicated millet as their farm product which had increased productivity the most after using resilient seeds. It was concluded that, research and innovation were vital in improving agricultural productivity in West Africa. The study recommended the creation of a board comprising agricultural experts as well law practitioners who should adopt proper laws that can lubricate proper running of agricultural system for a sustained growth in agricultural productivity. Secondly the study suggests extension of cooperation and support to legal institutions to strengthen the harmonization of seed policies for a regulated agricultural system. Efficient mechanism for the obligatory prompt payment of quotas by WAAPP member states should prevent project delay thereby accelerate the process to food security. Finally the study recommends more attention to local farmers and traditional seeds for durable increase in agricultural productivity. Key words: Research, innovation, Agricultural productivity, seed harmonization policies, West African Seed Program

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