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Gender Framework Analysis of Community Organisations of Kudumbashree in Kerala Addressing Covid-19 Outbreak

The central government and the state government had declared a lockdown to prevent the COVID-19 outbreak. Due to these restrictions on passenger transport services, closure of all commercial establishments, the prohibition of a gathering of more than five persons, use of taxis, autos, or private vehicles had devastating effects on people's lives. Many NGOs and Government organisations had initiated several activities to beat this pandemic and lockdown issues. Here researcher attempted to undergo gender framework analysis among community organisations of Kudumbashree. Kudumbashree is the largest network of women collectives in India. The Community Development Society of Kudumbashree had initiated many community organisations to support the people to cross this pandemic situation of COVID-19-19. For this study, the researchers had adopted the Capacities and Vulnerabilities analysis Framework (CVA) developed by Anderson and Woodrow (1989), which is widely using gender analytical framework to analyse humanitarian interventions during disaster preparedness. The study has conducted among the Community Development Society (CDS) of Kudumbashree in Nadathara Panchayath in Thrissur district, Kerala state. Results found that Gender inequalities exist in society, and patriarchal attributes cause vulnerabilities of women. Kudumbashree activities build the capacities of women. During the period of COVID-19-19, preventive activities, CDS of Kudumbashree could initiate many Community organisations based on their capacities. Keywords: Gender, Community Organisations, Kudumbashree, capacities, vulnerabilities.

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