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Education Management Information System (EMIS) and Learning Management in Informal Schools: A Case of Bridge International Schools, Nairobi-Kenya

Abstract: Learning management and education management information systems (EMIS) in informal schools: a case study of bridge international schools in Nairobi is the focus of this study. This research set out to answer three main questions: (i) how effective is EMIS at boosting teacher management efficiency in NFS; (ii) what role does EMIS play in reducing or eliminating NFS learning challenges; and (iii) where exactly in Nairobi County do NFS exist? The study's theoretical framework was constructivism. The researcher employed a Convergent parallel design mixed-methods strategy and zeroed in on a select group of respondents. 15 principals, 45 instructors, and 240 students (one focus group discussion with eight students per grade level) were randomly selected. Questionnaires and in-person interviews were used to compile the data. Descriptive statistics and SPSS for Windows version 21 were used to handle and analyse the collected data. Tables, frequencies, and percentages were used to display quantitative data, while questionnaires and interviews were used to display and analyse qualitative data. Schools should embrace the incorporation of education management information system (EMIS) and learning in informal settings, according to the study's findings, because school leadership and management play a crucial role in mitigating the negative impact EMIS has on Bridge International Academies' pedagogical approach. Kenya's Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MoEST) benefited greatly from the study's findings on the impact of EMIS on student learning and its suggestions for the ministry's future policymaking and ICT implementation. Researchers are encouraged to use the study's findings to further their own knowledge of EMIS in non-formal education systems, to test hypotheses, or as background reading for future investigations.

Keywords: Education Management Information System (EMIS), Learning Management, Informal Schools and Formal schools


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