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East African Community Integration and Skilled Labour Mobility: Assessing Rwanda’s Progress in Bridging The Skills Gap in Education Sector 2010-2016

Abstract:The East African Community Common Market Protocol of 2010, is an integral part of the Treaty for Establishment of the East African Community that all partner states have committed themselves to implement. The protocol clearly provides labour mobility as one of its fundamental principles. Rwanda is one of the EAC Partner States that have opened its borders as well as its labour market to East African citizens, after having under gone a skills shortage of about 60% in all sectors. The purpose of this research is to establish whether skilled labour mobility from the EAC partner states has facilitated in bridging the skills gap in Rwandan education sector. Therefore free movement of skilled labour,is anticipated as a response to bridging the skills gap most especially in the Rwandan education sector. Key terms:East African Community, Integration, skilled labor, mobility, education sector

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