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Eac Integration and People-Centeredness: Assessment of Efforts Made by Kenya as Member State

Abstract:Lack of people-centeredness has been mentioned widely in the literature of the old EAC Integration as among the major factors for the organization’s collapse in 1977. This paper is based on a study that was conducted to examine EAC Integration and People-Centeredness and assessed efforts made by Kenya as Member State. I use both primary and secondary data. Primary data was collected from four institutions: Ministry of EAC and Regional Development, Media, Civil society and the Private sector and from 40 Kenyan citizens purposely selected from small scale traders and Women groups and Associations. I find that there are no policies on people-centeredness for both state and non-state actors which has challenged their efforts in enhancing the principle of people-centeredness and the success of the EAC integration process in general.I recommend continuous sensitization through local media to enhance people-centeredness amongst Kenyan citizens and the EAC citizens in general. Key words:Integration, People-centeredness

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