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Coping Mechanisms Among Children Exposed To Domestic Violence on Their Academic Performnace in Kukirango Ward, Mara Region,Tanzania

Research indicates that the exposure of children to domestic violence is a worldwide phenomenon, prevalent in both developed and developing countries. In fact, it is one of the major constraints to children’s academic performance. This is due to the lack of appropriate coping mechanisms for the same. However, it seems that the coping strategies used by the children exposed to domestic violence vary and have a positive or negative influence on their academic performance. This paper explored the influence of coping mechanisms among children exposed to domestic violence on their academic performance in Kukirango ward, Mara Region,Tanzania. An exploratory technique with multiple research methods was used to facilitate the study. The study’s target population was all children and adolescents aged between 9 and 18 years who were exposed to domestic violence in Kukirango Ward. In total, 272 children participated. Survey interviews were conducted on 234 participants, participatory exercises engaged 30 participants (six groups of five children), and semi-structured interviews involved 8 participants. The theoretical and practical influences of coping mechanisms among children exposed to domestic violence in Tanzania were discussed.

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