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A Comparative Study on Psychosocial Impact of Professional and Non-Professional Working Women in Kerala During Lockdown

COVID- 19 Pandemic makes the whole world into trouble, from children to the elderly, regardless of age, it affects everyday life. It also causes chaos in women's life more than we can imagine. Whether it is natural or man-driven, women constantly face adverse difficulties whenever taking a history of calamities. COVID-19 is creating troubles in women's life. The lockdown becomes a reason for the increasing household chores. Everyone is stuck at home, and women have to take care of all the responsibilities than before. (Gupte & Dalvie, 2020). For working women, work from home, resulting in more stress and increases household works. The situation of women who lost jobs is leading to psychosocial as well as economic problems. This study is focusing on the psychosocial impact of professional and non-professional working women in Kerala. Women working from home are under more pressure from offices and have to change their daily routines. Without any help and support, they are doing things as they can, but this generates risky circumstances in their lives. This paper looks forward to the realities of women's lives during the lockdown. As a pilot study related to the project, the researchers had taken a google survey based on the topic. It shows that the 23 to 54 age group had responded. They shared their experiences in which some are going through high stress, anxiety and pressure because they have to manage everything between work and family. The one who has young children and the elderly in the house is facing challenges. They are struggling each day. Along with psychological problems, economic insecurities are going hand in hand. From the online survey and case studies, addressing the awkward situation. Keywords: Work-life among women, Coping with lockdown, Women stress.

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