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The Church’s Role in Curbing Domestic Violence: Case of Kathonzweni Sub County, Makueni County, Kenya

The occurrence of domestic violence remains a paradox in the society as it occurs in the family a place where people are expected to maintain intimacy and experience greater emotional support in their relationships. This research sought to investigate the Church’s role in curbing Domestic Violence in Kathonzweni Sub County, Makueni County, Kenya. The specific objective of the study included determining the forms of domestic violence and the role the church plays in curbing this evil. It studies different modes of church’s participation in curbing domestic violence in the region. The study used Descriptive Survey and the data from the field was purposively sampled. Data was presented in simple percentages, charts and graphs. The findings were used to reach a conclusion and give recommendations on the role of the Church in curbing domestic violence. The study found that incidences of domestic violence were common and rampant in the region such as wife battering, fighting, child abuse, physical assaults, intimidations. The church had been involved in curbing domestic related conflicts but the methods used did not adequately address domestic violence in the region. The study recommended behavior change campaigns,dealing with drug and alcohol abuse, sensitization of the masses and imposing of strict penalties for the perpetuators as measures to curb domestic violence.


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