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The Challenges Young Religious in Formation Programs Face in Using Social Media.

Abstract: This study highlights the challenges young religious face in their formation process with regard to social media. Social media has brought some beneficial progress in communication at the same time some challenges. From the findings, According to the findings, many young religious agree that the use of social media during formation should be regulated and restricted. The young religious find themselves addicted to the social media platform and forget what had brought them in formation. One example cited by many young religious is the use of Facebook and Whatsapp. Many young religious spend a lot of money in buying internet bundles in order to chat with their friends on the social media platforms. For example, in the formation of young religious, the social media usage has impacted negatively as well because of lack of proper usage of the media by the formees. From this study, it was concluded that, the most frequent cited challenges included: addiction, visiting prohibited adults sites, exposure of personal information and engaging in illicit affairs. The use of social media in formation programs needs regulation. The young religious who secretly possess smart phones and use them hidden during the critical stages of their formation are dishonest and need spiritual guidance to overcome dishonesty. Smart phones should be regulated especially when young religious join the formation houses. Key Words: Religious, formation, social media

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