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Burundi’s experience in harmonization of national laws for implementation of the East African Common Market Protocol 2010


In 2007, Burundi joined the East African Community and later was ratified in the East African Community Common
Market Protocol of 2010. The protocol guarantees various freedoms and rights including the free movements of goods,
persons, labour/workers, services, capital movement, the right of establishment and the right of residence. Burundi is
committed to implement it and especially in free movement of services. This study explores the experiences of Burundi in
complying with its commitments through harmonization of its domestic laws for implementation of the East African
Common Market Protocol. Data was collected through interviews conducted with decision makers and document analysis.
The study reveals that despite opportunities; the harmonization of national laws process is being undermined by various
challenges. The study recommends all stakeholders to reconcile their various interests and be focused in order to implement
the Protocol for the interest of Burundi, as well as for the EAC region.
Key terms | The East African Community, East African Common Market Protocol, Harmonization of laws


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