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Boy Child Experiences and their Psychological Wellbeing in Embakasi Central Constituency, Nairobi City County, Kenya

Abstract:Undeniably, boy child experiences coupled with evolution of globalization, technology, socio-economic factors and cultural changes have tremendously shaped boy child’s behavior. Consequently,this has contributed to a number of challenges some of which have taken toll on the psychological wellbeing of the boy child. The study examined the relationship between boy child experiences and their psychological well being using the case of Embakasi Central constituency, Nairobi City County. More specifically, the study sought to establish the influence of parental guidance, peer experiences, education experiences and guidance and counseling on the psychological well being of the boy-child in Embakasi Central Constituency, Nairobi City County.The study was anchored on Zimmerman’ psychological empowerment theory. The study utilized cross-sectional descriptive design and phenomenological design to gather quantitative and qualitative data respectively. The study targeted boy child students in seven public secondary schools in Embakasi central constituency as well as teachers, parents and principals. Yamane (2001)formula was used determine a sample size of 360 boy child students while purposive sampling technique was used to determine a sample size of14 teachers, 7 principals and 9 PTA members who participated in the study. Primary data was collected using questionnaires targeting the boy child and teachers while semi-structured interviews were conducted with parents and school principals. Qualitative data was analyzed using content analysis while quantitative data was analyzed using descriptive statistics involving frequencies and percentages with the help of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 23.Data was presented in form of graphs, charts and distribution tables.The study established that parental guidance, education experiences and counseling played a significant role in promoting the psychological well being of the boy child.The study concluded that there is a statistical significant relationship between parental guidance, education experiences, peer experiences and counselling and the psychological wellbeing of the boy child. The study recommended that all parents should undergo through positive parenting skills training in order for them to get involved in the lives of the boy child since their support is greatly associated with boy child’s psychological wellbeing. Equally, the study recommended that teachers should create good relationship between students and their parents in order to enhance psychological wellbeing of the boy child. Key Words: Parental guidance, peer experience, education experience, counseling, psychological wellbeing

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