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Application of Social Work Administration During A Pandemic: An Analysis Through NHM Approaches

We have seen the pandemic outbreaks like Ebola, MERS – CoV, SARS, H1N1, COVID – 19, in recent years worldwide. When it emerges, everyone will inevitably be affected. It may be physical illness, loneliness, social isolation, economic crisis, and environmental factors like food, housing, education. The Health Care Social Worker's responsibility during this public health emergency is based on the demand for that particular health scenario. Many of them are working at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels. During this COVID – 19 outbreaks, we witnessed the drastic transition of service delivery mechanisms, including telehealth. In India, most healthcare social workers in the healthcare delivery system work under National Health Mission as the National/State/District/Block level Coordinators, Consultants, Hospital PROs, and Counsellors. This paper is trying to analyze the possibilities of applying Social Welfare Administration as a Social Work method by these Health Care Social Workers under NHM to deliver essential health services during a pandemic through the approaches, service delivery strategies, and guidance action points of National Health Mission. This paper reviews the content analysis of the papers published on Social Work Administration's application as a Social Work method and the latest guidance notes on enabling delivery of essential health services during the COVID -19 outbreaks by NHM. The researcher is also analyzing how COVID - 19 will be a more significant challenge to our health care delivery system, examining Health Care Social Workers' role in NHM and the challenges they are facing. Key Words: Pandemic Crisis, COVID – 19, Social Welfare Administration, Health Care Social Workers, National Health Mission

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